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We will do what it takes to make sure that your roof is protecting your investment. This is something we are passionate about, and we don’t like to cut corners or rush. We take our time on each one of our jobs and make sure you are a satisfied customer. We can be your commercial roofing contractor in Nashville, TN. Call us today at for a quote or to schedule an appointment with us. Walton Roofing has been providing quality commercial roofing & construction services in Houston & the surrounding areas since 1961 and we’re still going strong.

If you are interested in saving time and money with this technique, we are ready to discuss your roof coating options. Severe Weather Roofing & Restoration provides the highest quality, most reliable commercial roofing services in Fort Collins CO, and the surrounding areas. Our skilled and experienced team offers a full range of commercial roofing services to help protect your facility from water, wind, and other unwanted hazards that might affect your business. At Metro Steel Construction, we understand the importance of a dependable roofing system for large buildings. A durable, sturdy, and watertight roof is key to protecting your business and reducing maintenance.

Roof inspections should be performed regularly by trained roofing professionals. The best time to have a roof inspection is once in the spring and again in the fall. Finding issues and problems early makes roofing repairs manageable before they become bigger and serious concerns. However, when making a decision, you’ll need to consider your local climate, your building needs and your budget. Keep in mind that some roofing materials, like SPF, require special training and equipment to install, which should be included when considering the affordability of the material. We’ll ensure that your industrial or commercial roof meets your high standards.

Epdm Roofing

TPO and PVC are the two most common types of thermoplastic membranes. Holds up well to chemical cleaning applications, common in commercial roof maintenance.

Georgia Roofing & Repair, Inc., located in Atlanta and Alpharetta, specializes in commercial roof repair, roof replacement and new roof construction. Additionally, we offer preventative maintenance programs and commercial roof inspection services. We can also provide all commercial roofing system applications such as TPO, EPDM, PVC, BUR Modified Cap Sheet, Metal, and Elastomeric. Furthermore, Georgia Roofing & Repair, Inc., strives to provide only the best and most updated installation techniques and technological enhancements for your roof. We are certified by all major manufacturers and pass all top rated manufacturer warranties on to you, the consumer. All manufacturer installation technique requirements are met at all times and labor warranties are always provided for completed work. Our methods and materials have been well-tested as well as proven for efficiency to save our clients time and money.

The majority of modern metal roofs are made from corrugated galvanized steel; a steel sheet coated with zinc. Copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and tin are also used in commercial metal roof applications. Coatings can be applied to provide additional waterproofing, anti-rust, and UV protection. Experience is key when it comes to choosing a contractor, especially when it comes to the roof over your head. Deer Park Roofing has decades of experience working with businesses of all sizes and all roofing types. Deer Park Roofing produces sheet metal roofing panels and other metal roofing components in our in-house metal fabrication shop.

Epoxy Coating Systems

However, looking for the right commercial roofing service to install, repair or replace your roof can be an overwhelming endeavor, which is why we’ve compiled this useful guide to help you in your search. When you’re ready to hire one of the best Dallas Commercial Roofing Contractors, call United!

  • At Emmons, we only use high-quality roofing materials to ensure that your replacement protects your property for years.
  • Once you talk to one of our expert commercial roofing consultants, you’ll see why so many of our clients would never use any other commercial metal roofing company.
  • A.J. Roofing, Your Preferred Platinum Best Roofer, is a residential Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractor.
  • Also, since they are highly reflective, coatings can increase the overall energy efficiency of your building.
  • Our crews removed the existing EPDM flashings and vent existing field membrane and disposed of the debris.
  • Whether it’s the TPO roofs at Austin’s AMD Lonestar or the University of Texas Disch-Falk Field, the PVC roof at U.T.

What you choose will depend on your location and industry, and our experts can advise you of the best materials for your situation. At GA Roofing & Repair, we understand just how important a properly functioning commercial roof over your head is. We are industry leaders of high-quality commercial roof leak preventative maintenance and inspection services.

Thermoplastic (tpo) Roofing

We provide quality services and products to all of Pennsylvania as well as New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware. Over the past 20 years, we have amassed a large number of loyal clients thanks to our high-quality service, attention to detail and high-performance products. When you choose us for your roofing needs, you can be confident that you’ll be getting the best work and customer experience. We have installed many commercial roofs over the years including built-up, modified bitumen single-ply, tile, and metal. When considering which commercial roofing system is right for your needs, it is important to look at a variety of factors. Great Lakes Commercial & Industrial Roofing is the local commercial roofing contractor that has been proudly serving Chicagoland business owners for over 15 years. We understand how important it is to maintain your business operations throughout a roofing project, and our team will work to minimize disruptions to you, your customers and your tenants.


A roofer, roof mechanic, or roofing contractor is a tradesperson who specializes in roof construction. Roofers replace, repair, and install the roofs of buildings, using a variety of materials, including shingles, bitumen, and metal. Roofing work can be physically demanding because it involves heavy lifting, as well as climbing, bending, and kneeling, often in extreme weather conditions.

Types of roofers

There are four main types of roofers: shinglers, who primarily install shingles, shakes, tiles, and other nail-on products on roofs with 5:12 pitches or above; metal roofers, who focus on metal panels; single-ply or “flat” roofers, who focus on roofs such as single-ply or foam roofs; and “hot” roofers, who work using tar-based products. It is not uncommon, however, for companies to have their roofers service multiple styles and types of roofing; and certain manufactures will allow only pre-approved installers, thus making these four roofer types limiting. As per the application areas, roofing contractors can be categorized as Industrial or commercial roofers, Factory Shed roofers, Residential Roofers, Commercial roofers. Based on the types of the materials, roofing can be classified as terrace roofing, metal roofing, polycarbonate roofing, steel roofing, PVC roofing, skylight roofing. Pre-engineered companies installs roofing.

metal roof is a roofing system made from metal pieces or tiles characterized by its high resistance, impermeability and longevity. It is a component of the building envelopeZinccopper and steel alloys are commonly used.

Metal Roofing Alliance

The Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) is a resource for companies and professionals involved in the residential metal roofing industry. Since 1998, the MRA has been dedicated to helping homeowners make educated roofing decisions and connecting them with expert metal roofing professionals.

Cracks in a modified bitumen roof are easily identified and repaired using asphalt compounds. Cracks or breaks are rare, but can occur under extreme circumstances. Yes, in some circumstances we will recommend a white modified bitumen roof for betterenergy efficiencyfor your building. This acts as a reflective material, bouncing heat away from the building. Sometimes referred to as APP, SBS, or mod bit, modified bitumen is an evolved form of traditional asphalt roofing. Made by combining asphalt with modifiers and solvents, the pieces are connected at the seam by using intense heat, creating a seal that water cannot permeate. CentiMark provides the customers with a single source warranty covering workmanship and materials.

Protect Your System With A Roof Coating

Emmons Roofing & Siding is an experienced and credentialed commercial roofing contractor. We’re highly rated by the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List. In answering the question of if a standing seam metal roof is worth it, it depends on if the business owner wants to invest in the long-lasting and enduring nature.

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The art of minimalist living: Villa Marittima.

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For affordable and reliable roofing services of all types, give us a call today. We specialize in residential and commercial roofing replacement and repair. Whether you have damage from a hail storm or just have an aging roof, we take pride in our work and commit to the highest standards of quality from materials to workmanship. Before we will replace the roof, we recommend you call Mold Inspection of Austin to check for mold. These roofs can last 50 years or more and require little maintenance, so you’ll save money on repair and replacement costs. You can choose a wide variety of metals from aluminum to galvanized steel and even copper for your roofing system.

Industrial Roofing Installation And Repair

While there are companies out there who will use any leak to sell you a new roof, that’s not how we operate. Our goal is always to salvage your existing roof and save you money wherever possible. In fact, our roof repair techniques can actually help you avoid replacing your roof for another 10 years or more, at a fraction of the cost.

There are many different commercial roofing products available, which makes it important to work with knowledgeable roofing contractors who can explain the benefits of different roofing materials. No matter what type of material your commercial roof has, we can help. In this guide, you’ll learn about the many types of roofing solutions we offer, the basic requirements for commercial roofs and the different types of commercial roofing materials available.

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EPDM, which stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer, is a type of synthetic rubber that can resist heat, water, and even steam. For its insinuative properties, it can be a smart investment in a large commercial structure. Typically, EPDM is installed in large sheets that are then adhered to one another to ensure a seal. We offer metal roof coatings, flat roof coatings, elastomeric coatings in addition to many other spray-on coatings for maximum protection. The materials used on both residential and commercial roofs vary based on the roof design, cost, and weather conditions.

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These systems also offer great tolerance for building stress and resistance to thermal shock, high puncture resistance and outstanding membrane strength and toughness for proven long-term durability. Popular in North America for more than 100 years, Built Up Roofing Systems are composed of alternating layers of bitumen and fabrics called roofing felts. The felts are reinforced with either glass-fiber mats or organic mats and when joined with the bitumen form a durable roofing membrane. The number of “plies” on a roof implies the number of layers, i.e. “four plies” denotes a four-layer flat roof membrane system.

Zoller Roofing offers many options for commercial roof repair, commercial roof installation, and commercial roof maintenance programs in Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch and Bradenton. We are metal retro-fit experts and a GAF Master Commercial Roofing Contractor. While metal roofs are durable and low maintenance, they are still subject to wear and damage. But, when you need metal roof repair in Atlanta, GA, our experienced crews will have you covered, no matter the problem. Of course, one common problem metal roofs experience is rust, often caused by leaks. While our skilled professionals can patch leaks or replace rusted panels, one option some take is a roof coating.

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The Live Oak House by Rory Reynolds + Associates.

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From preventative roof maintenance to emergency roof repairs, we aim to deliver on all your roofing needs. For over 59 years, our local family-owned business has provided comprehensive, professional roofing services throughout the state of Texas. As roofing contractors, our expertise is unparalleled and our goal is always to meet and exceed your every need. The benefits of one of our metal roofing systems can be enjoyed by homeowners and businesses alike, providing 50+ years of roofing protection. Whether you have a new building that needs a roof or you need to replace the roof on an existing property, it’s important to hire the right commercial roofing contractor to do the job.

In a nutshell, these coatings are capable of extending a roof’s life by years. Our goal is always to do the best we can for your roof while saving you money, and roof coatings are a great way to do just that on all types of properties. From breathing new life into older roofs to installing new ones, our experienced roofing contractors do it all. When you invite us out to your property to do an estimate, we will listen to your goals, look at your roof, and offer you options that will be best for your property and your wallet. As commercial roofing contractors in OKC of more than 20 years, you’re in great hands when you choose us! If your business is environmentally conscious and looking to reduce utility costs, CentiMark can help you make the transition to green easily.

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RoofPRO™ LLC has built its quality reputation by handling each roofing repair or replacement project with the highest level of craftsmanship, simply doing it right the first time. These elegant, natural roofing systems make a visible statement and can even increase the property value. In fact, the long history of slate roofing stretches back to castles and cathedrals. Bringing a slate roofing system to your commercial property affords it sustainability and durability. EPDM is sold in black and white and a variety of widths in order to accommodate your commercial roofing jobs.

Commercial roofs, being flat or low-pitched, are not good candidates for typical residential roofing materials. They are often covered with options like modified bitumen, tar, and gravel, single-ply coverings , sprayed polyurethane foam, or other commercial roofing systems. If you’re on the search for the best commercial roofing contractors in the Miami / South Florida area, then you can discontinue your search. We are your dedicated, go-to roofing contractor based in Miami that is eager to manage any project that you need us for. Florida Commercial Roofing and Construction is fully licensed, insured and bonded in the state of Florida and works with commercial and industrial businesses of all kinds. When you look at our history of customer loyalty and superior roofing services combined with our warranties, you can enjoy maximum protection for your investment.