Funky Festival Outfits: The 10 Best Festival Clothing Brands for Girls

Festival clothing is always in fashion, whether you live in the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern. It’s always festival season somewhere, which is why festival outfits are always going to be needed for fun summer music festivals in the grass, trees, beach, or city. If you know me, you know I like to get a little a lot funky with my festival fashion, with crazy colors, wigs, sparkles, colorful tights, fishnets, fun boots, silly glasses, goggles, netting, leotards and…. well, now I’m getting carried away.

Festival outfits are one of my very favorite ways to get creative, and mix and match different pieces with things from garage sales, different outfits with items I made myself, and make it as colorful and weird as possible. Expressing your true self through dressing up is one of the most fun things in the world, especially when you get to eat, drink and dance to awesome music and look at cool art with your friends at a music festival. And you must think so too if you’ve ended up here!

There’s something about dressing up in festival outfits and crazy clothing that makes you feel like you can be whoever you want to be. It’s like putting on a wig and an alien costume transforms you in to an entirely different, hilariously awesome person, and once you get addicted there will be no going back. This festival outfits guide will bring you the best clothing brands to the fun and funky aspect of festival clothing – for the most colorful, fun, glitzy and sequinned festival fairies out there who like to go all out (like me!). For more boho festivals… check elsewhere ????

The Best Brands for Funky Music Festival Outfits

Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing, or PLT, is an amazing multi-faceted clothing brand with outfits, accessories, and items for absolutely every occasion – fancy dress, swimming, winter season, you name it. BUT, they do have a strong festival line that has some killer festival outfits and bling for your next festie.

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is a well-known and loved American clothing brand that also has some awesome festival classics. You’ll find lots of pieces and accessories on their website that woukd be perfect to add to your festival outfits. You’ll find strappy leather, furry coats, shiny leotards, and super-fun accessories that will as the perfect designer touch to any festival outfit.

Shop Easy Tiger

Easy Tiger’s tagline is ‘dress like every day is a festival’ and it couldn’t be more true! All their stuff it glitzy, glamorous, sequinned, and badass at the same time. Think, sequinned high waisted bottoms with matching tops, everything adorned with fur, disco queen looks, platform boots, gypsy queen looks, all of gems, and more.


Asos has a fantastic festival aspect to their multi-faceted and incredible online arsenal of a shop. In the festival section you can find cute crops, spandexy shorts, mesh, sequins, and all that fun stuff you can use to create even more fun festival outfits. Browse away, there are dozens and dozens of items and some super cool shoes too!

The best thing about ASOS festival outfits is that they have an entire epic line for men’s festival fasihon as well. They have awesome party shirts, sequinned button ups, fun patterns, shorts, and rompers (yes, male romers/playsuits!) and more!

Tibbs & Bones

Based in Melbourne and at the forefront of the bush doof fashion culture, you have Tibbs & Bones. Kitted out in fun, wierd, and wonderful clothing and accessories, you’ll be spoilt for choice trying to pick your next festival outfits from here. They may be based in Australia, but they ship worldwide!


Zaful is known for being a reliable and cheap online clothing  store – not necessarily having the BEST made products, but totally over par for how much they cost. I have had Zaful swim suits for years that cost me $13, and you can’t really complain about that.

Zaful is another one of those online shops that sells absolutely anything you could need, and at a good price too (did I mention the price?! ???? ) They have a fetival



iHeartRaves are a fantastic hub for classic, tight, and shiny rave wear that would really be good for any dress-up festival, burn, or doof. You can get classic items here like high waisted bottoms, or you can kit yourself out in full festival outfits, hooded leotards, bodysuits, sequinned jackets, and more.

Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill is like, the pinnacle of dressing up in fun and funky festival outfits. Their stuff can go equally well for Halloween or other dress-up parties, or just fashionistas who want to look chic, edgy, and simply different.

Their festival stuff is funky, fierce, and fun. This California-based company will definitely fulfill all your festival needs, plus some!

Magical Wonderland Clothing

Australia-based clothing company Magical Wonderland has all the kinds of festival must-haves, all within the funky + fabulous category. Think, sheer flares, matching high-waisted sequin bottoms and tops, crazy colors, super fun belts, and even pasties. Any festival queen will definitely find something to oogle over here… take a peek!


Wild Thing

Wild Thing is a total hub for funky festival outfits. You can get everything weird and wonderful here, with heaps of sequins, colors, jewels, gems, and creative fun. A girl kitted out in Wild Thing would look like a total festival queen no matter what she ordered, so make sure to check them out before this season gets away from us!

Shop Wild Thing

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