5 Reasons to Be Stoked for Hideout Fest

For the first time in three years, I FINALLY have time off during Hideout Festival. Hideout is one of Croatia’s premier music festivals held on the northern coast at the famous Zrce Beach on Pag Island. So upon getting my schedule, after obviously having a miniature excitement attack, I booked my trip! Somehow I have yet to make it up to Zrce in my summers sailing the Adriatic, so I am pretty ecstatic for what I can only predict to be a fantastic introduction to this emerging party capital of Europe.

The festival has an amazing lineup, but that’s only the beginning. At Hideout you get to experience one of the most beautiful countries in the world via pool and beach parties, on some of the most amazing water with an international crowd. They can organize all sorts of packages and add-on’s for you too! Here’s what I’m most excited about for Hideout this year:


Location, Location, Location. It’s in CROATIA.

If you know me you know that this country has a special place in my heart, not only because I work here but because it is completely unwaveringly BEAUTIFUL. With amazing rocky mountains, old Venetian architecture, vibrant red roofs, and the clearest water you have ever seen… it’s the definition of paradise. No wonder this country is emerging as a festival hub of Europe!!

Sunday Aquarius Matt Eachus

Six Beachfront Stages

Hideout goes from day to night each day, on not one but SIX beachfront stages. It’s basically a massive pool party that goes for a week. What could be better?!

Hideout festival 2017 zrce beach

Lineup: On Point

Hideout boasts a pretty stacked lineup of some of the leaders in electronic music, namely deep and tech house music. If you are into that scene you will no doubt know quite a few pretty exciting names on the lineup.


Boat Parties

As if the six beachfront stages were not enough, Hideout has multiple boat parties each and every day with different artists from the lineup playing on them. So if you miss anyone at the festival, you very well may catch them playing on a boat! These boat parties are very affordable too!

MK Sunrise Matt Eachus

Secret Beach Party

This year Hideout has done something new – they organized a completely secret beach party away from the festival site where Basement Jaxx and a few other fantastic names will be playing. How COOL does that sound – a secret beach party on an island in Croatia. Sign me up.

Thursday Day Gary Brown

Warmth & Weather

The end of June is juuuuust heading into peak season in Croatia – meaning it will be just hot enough to make you know you’re on holiday, but not unbearably hot quite yet! Think- mid 20’s to 30, always in your bathers and surrounded by water you can jump in. Perfection at its finest!

Will you be at Hideout this month?! I would love to meet up if so! I’ll be there taking some epic photos for my blog, and hopefully the review + guide I write afterwards will make you want to plan your trip for next year!

Author: Anna Johnson

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