12 Ways Costa Rica’s Envision Is Way More than Just a Music Festival

Envision Festival in Costa Rica is definitely at the forefront of transformational festivals in South + Central America. The Envision lineup is always fantastic, but the music really is only a small part of what this gathering is all about. Envision is all about the betterment of each other and the world, and the coming together of all different walks of life through music, workshops, and togetherness.

If you know me and follow any of the festivals I go to, you’ll know I am an absolute sucker for a good transformational festie. I mean, I love any music festival, but transformationals are the ones that really get me. The idea of attending a massive gathering of like-minded people looking to enjoy good music and expand their consciousness at the same time is pretty much my paradise. This is why I have to spread the word about Envision – it does all this and way more.

Envision Festival even created 8 pillars to facilitate the fact that this is more of an entire experience than a festival. These 8 pillars of Envision go through the 8 different main objectives of the festival, and they are the first reason Envision has so much more to offer than a simple lineup of music.

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The 8 Pillars of Envision Festival

These pillars are all precisely different reasons Envision is so much more than a festival. I mean, how many other festivals can offer this much diversity in experience and betterment of so many different aspects of life?!


Envision Festival is all about making the world a more sustainable place. In the permaculture programs inplemented throughout the festival, you will see and learn about making sure items are reusable and compostable, that nature, forests, and plants are all preserved in the best way possible, and that our earth is cared for properly.


Envision is all about consciousness. Whether is it through meditation, workshops, or simply having deep conversations with those around you, spirituality will be a main focus here.


Envision is all about movement in ALL forms! Dancing is an obvious one, but there will also be all different forms of yoga, dance, and other performances all about moving your body!


Art is massive here, and you will find all the stages and surroundings exploding with creative expression and art installations adorning most everything. Envision Festival is all about expressing yourself through material, visual, and musical art.


See, I told you music is only a small part of this music festival! Yet, it is very important just the same. The musical talent at Envision comes from all different origins and facets of live performance, but you can bet that it will all be incredible in its own right.


Envision Festival is a coming together of like minded individuals to form a cohesive community of friends. This is central to the ethos of the festival and it goes without saying that everyone there – of all different cultures, ages, and backgrounds – will soon be your new friends and collaborators.


Wellness is an important pillar to go with the rest as it involves taking care of your body while you make conscious leaps toward a better life. You will find all sorts of healing workshops, organic and locally sourced food, different types of herbal remedies and medicines, and interesting nutritional perspectives at Envision Festival.

Eco Building

Envison is all about leaving no trace, sourcing materials and labor ethically, and making sure that the smallest footprint is left behind. It is important to use renewable and compostable materials and to leave the earth better than we found it! This festival really does set an example for not only other festivals but ourselves as well when it comes to living in a eco-friendly way.

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Permaculture Course

This year, Envision Festival is doing even more to promote sustainability by offering a permaculture design course for an entire week before the festival begins. This course is to take place on a local Costa Rican farm that is world renowned for its biodiversity. Here, students who partake will be able to learn all about the best sustainability practices for growing plants and food, and will dedicate lots of time to bettering themselves and how they take care of the world around them.

Blue Clay

Something else that’s unique about Envision Festival is its blue clay station. This station at the festival allows you to grab goops and goops of special blue clay to put on your body during the hot days. This clay is basically magic, and I will tell you why! Not only does it have cooling properties to regulate your body temperature while you’re dancing in the sun, but it also helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, has antiseptic properties to help and scraped from jungle hiking, and also acts ad a sunscreen and insect repellant!! I would like some all over my body now, please and thank you.

costa rica envision festival

Envision Festival Venue – Rancho La Merced

What other festival can say it takes place right at the perfect unison of a magical jungle and tropical beach?! None that I can think of! Envision Festival has a unique venue right on the lower pacific coast of Costa Rica, and it could not be more pristine (and it faces the sunset over the ocean… which is obviously something I would think of beforehand!) Yoga on the beach at sunset, I’m coming for ya!

costa rica envision festival


The Village

The village is where it all happens at Envision. There’s a Global Market, a locally sourced and reusable-only eatery, The Temple for all sorts of amazing talks and ceremonies, a Healing Sanctuary with all types of healing workshops and treats, and even a family area for baby festival-goers who are surely getting a head start upon their consciousness!

Author: Anna Johnson

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